english 1st term

April 19, 2007

The best work I did in English last term was my blog posts because i didnt do to much last term.

The most interesting thing I learned in English is that i could publish my blogs nothing really interests me in english.

The assignment I most enjoyed was the doctor who because i did some of the work and the movie was good but corny.

The assignment I least enjoyed was the fox assignment it was boring and the book was seriously crap.

The book I most enjoyed reading was holes until i left it in my pencil case in the computer room and i was only half way through the book.

I found I learned most when I sit by myself without distractions.

 could have learned more if I sat by myself and tryed harder and not easily got distracted by my surroundings.

 The environment I learn most in is by my self on my own table facing no one like i am right now.

What I think I need to work on this term is trying harder to do my best and not getting distracted by others.



April 18, 2007

About a year ago i use to go rabbiting with my dog lucky it was really fun we came across so many interesting sad, scary,funny fun, exhilarating, experiances such as seeing a tree and watching it be struck by lightning and watching my dog chase rabbits trip them up and rip their wind pipe out and burie them to eat them later i felt sorry for the rabbits but my dog had grouse fun so did i and the farmers loved me killing the rabbits and taking there dogs to come hunting with me and my dog we massacred the rabbits me and about twelve other dogs were running through paddocks chasing rabbits i throgh large bits of wood and rocks

My Holiday

April 18, 2007

On the holidays I went trail bike riding with a bunch of friends and family through acres and acres up hills around corners off jumps over creeks through creeks on my mojo 150 with my friends i could barely catch up with my them


April 18, 2007

currently im reading a book called holes its really good ive seen the movie anyway im halfway through it the main character stanley yelnats has been framed for stealing some famous shoes that belonged to some famous baseball player he went to court were he got gulty and now he has to go to a camp to dig holes i know it doesnt sound any good but its suprisingly good full of twists and turns it really sucks you into it.


April 18, 2007

When the rains ended i  i was cruisin around the bush when i saw a magpie the magpie looked scared but then i spotted a dog i was about to leave when the dog offered me food and shelter i thanked them and then told of how i saw dog running and how extroidanary they both look. the dog and magpie seem to like relaxing in the mouth of the cave i swear that magpie is on to me he dosent trust me at all.

doctor who the runaway bride

April 18, 2007

1. What are some ordinary objects or events that are used in extraordinary ways in ‘The Runaway Bride’?
• For example, the Doctor’s timespace machine is disguised as a phonebooth; the alien robots are disguised as..? Think of at least five events or objects.

1. christmas balls-bomb

2. screw driver thing-scanning device

3. telephone booth-time travelling space ship

4. santas- evil robots

5. flood barrier buildings-evil lair

2.Why do you think the show uses ordinary objects and everyday things in a strange and surprising way? What effect do you think it has on the viewer/reader to see everyday objects used in such a way? Is it funny? Scary? Exciting?

I think they use ordinary objects and things in a extrodinary way because it makes makes the movie alot more exciting and thrilling and it sucks you in to a kind of fantasy world and it makes you want to watch more.

3.Do you think the scene on the freeway where the TARDIS is chasing the taxi would have been more or less effective if the TARDIS was a typical-looking spaceship? Why do you think this?

no i think the seen with the TARDIS is really good because theres alot of movies with just ordinary spaceships but ive never seen a movie with a flying telephone booth so i think the TARDIS is a much more effective look than just a spaceship

Brad needs to do more work

November 12, 2006

He sure does


November 12, 2006

My favourite food in the world is my mums pancakes with lemon and sugar i love the smell of the lemon and i love the sound of the mixture sizilling as son as i see them my mouth waters i taste one and its the best experience the tangynes makes me pull a strange face like when you eat something sour and the texture is nice and soft its like it melts in your mouth and after youve finished you can still taste the lemon and sugar the only bad thing is when you burp it tastes like crap.

Hello world!

July 17, 2006

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